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Chemical Handling & Storage
This course is designed to provide with the concept and methodology on how to manage and control chemical spills at the workplace. At the end of this program, participants should be able to :
● Able to interpreted SDS for Manage Management at workplace
● Identify the types of chemicals at the workplace
● Know to use the right PPE for handling hazardous chemical and having the awareness of the need to wear the PPE
● Use the correct procedures to control and dispose chemical spills
Target Learner
● Safety, Health and Environment Managers/Executives
● Production and Quantity Control personnel
● Supervisors & Line leaders
● Safety & Health Committee members
● All personnel managing or handling chemicals directly or indirectly
● ISO 14001 and/or OHSAS 18001 Internal Audit Committee members.
Course Contents
Module 1 : Chemical at Your Workplace

● This module explains the classification and labeling of chemicals at the work area
● Identify the chemicals used at the respective work area

  • Basic Concept
  • Definition of Chemicals
  • Types of hazardous chemicals
  • Physical and chemical properties
  • Chemcial labeling & CPL Regulations
  • Health effects
  • Hazardous effects of chemical
  • Understanding the "Use and Standards of Exposure of Chemicals Hazardous to Health" Regulations 2000.
Module 2 : Introduction to Health Hazards due to Chemical Exposure

● Benefits and adverse effects of chemicals
● Basic terms used frequently in chemical safety
● Factors that intensify workplace hazards associated with chemicals

Module 3 : The Method of Handling Chemical with the Concept of Cradle to the Grave

● Step by step on how to handle chemicals

  • How the chemicals enter the body
  • Handling of chemical
  • Receiving of chemical
  • Storage of chemical
Module 4 : Hazard Identification and Information from Safety Data Sheet

● The definition of a Safety Data Sheet (SDS)
● The importance of SDS
● The source of the SDS
● The process of retrieving hazard information from SDS
● The language of the SDS
● Other purposes of the CSDS

Module 5 : The Method of Handling Chemical Spills

● Identify the procedure to control chemical spillage

  • Steps to handle a chemical spillage
  • Spill & leakage procedure
  • Methods of mitigation
  • Fire / Explosion and Fire Fighting
Module 6 : The Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

● The identification and usage of suitable PPE

  • The purpose & Type of PPE
  • Inspecting PPE
  • Why important of PPE
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